Fair of antiques and modern art will open on April 16 in the “Manege”

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A press conference and grand opening of the Russian Antique & Art Fair, the leading fair of antiques and modern art in Russia, will take place on April 16 at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. The fair will last until April 21, 2019.

The second RA & AF – the first one took place in February 2018 – will once again unite the leading antique galleries, modern art, design and jewelry houses of the premium class in a single space. The company “Expo-Park. Exhibition Projects”, based on the world practice of such famous fairs as TEFAF and BRAFA, represents the current format of the art fair in Moscow. The idea of ​​synergy finds expression in what is called the contemporary Russian art scene: the introduction of contemporary art, design and jewelry brands into the conservative world forum of antiques.

The fair collected, including works, worthy of museum collections. For example, “The Mother of God Odigitria”, a unique monument of Russian icon painting from the collection of the “Russian Avant-garde Gallery of the 10-30s”. The image, written by the master of the circle of Dionysius at the end of the 15th century, is not only a museum, but also of spiritual value.

The Kunstberatung Zürich Gallery specially for Russia prepared an exhibition of works by famous modern artists: paintings by Petrov-Vodkin, Tamara de Lempitski, graphics by Salvador Dali and others.

This year, a special place on RA & AF will occupy the exhibition timed to the 175th anniversary of the birth of Vasily Dmitrievich Polenov. Among the canvases of the painter in the exhibition of the private collection “Altruist” the painting “Early Autumn on the Oka” of 1903, is the author’s version of one of the main works of the artist – “Golden Autumn”. Since 1890 V.D. Polenov settled in the estate Behovo on the Oka. From this time on, the views of the river become a constant theme of his paintings. Especially loved by the artist were the autumn views of the Oka shores, covered with gold and purple woods. In addition to the works of the maestro, at the stand you can see the paintings of his students and friends: A.M. Vasnetsov, I.I. Levitan, K.A. Korovin, I.E. Repin and A.K. Savrasov. V.D. Polotna Polenova will also be on the stands of the galleries “Kardashidi Art”, “Russian Seasons”, “Elysium”, “Vellum”.

Antique Gallery “Petersburg” will present more than 30 significant works of Russian painting of the last quarter of the XIX century – the 20s of the twentieth century. The main theme will be the lyrical view of the artist in an era of historical change. From the classical samples A.K. Savrasov and I. Shishkin, this line leads to the increasing drama in the landscapes of Yu.Yu. Clover. It ends with the works of the pre-revolutionary period I.A. Vladimirova and V.V. Svarog. A certain open exhibition finale will be the landscape of KI. Gorbatov “View of the Volkhov. Veliky Novgorod”, created in 1917.

Vladimir Ilyich Nekrasov, the largest collector of works of Russian art, represents a part of his collection – a collection of works by Gelii Mikhailovich Korzhev-Chuvelev (1925 – 2012), a Soviet and Russian painter, teacher, professor, academician of the USSR Academy of Arts, USSR Prize winner. The exhibition includes paintings of the artist, created in different periods of his life, many of these works were once sold abroad. Thanks to the efforts of Nekrasov, the masterpieces returned to Russia and will be presented to the general public.

Design Studio “Inartex” has collected a collection of French art glass of the modern era. The exposition of the vase of the Art Nano period manufactory of the House of Nancy, as well as rare works of art made of glass by such authors as Emile Galle Almamari Walter, Francois Decorshamon and Rene Lalique.

The theme of gardens and parks in painting is N.E. Makovsky, K.A. Somov and V.E. Borisov-Musatov with their romantic charm and almost palpable breath of flowers is revealed in the collection of paintings and graphics by Lyubov Agafonova and the gallery “Vellum”.

The Leonid Shishkin Gallery will present the monographic exhibition of A.M. Gerasimov, including the monumental canvas “Polovtsian dances.” A masterpiece F.A. Malyavina “Whirlwind” will be the main decoration of the stand “Pesic family collection” from Serbia.

A unique collection of 70 imperial Easter porcelain eggs from the 19th and early 20th centuries can be seen on the stand of Mikhail Suslov’s private collection. To create these objects, the artists of the Imperial Porcelain Factory and Porcelain manufactories used full-scale sketches, numerous paintings and graphic samples, botanical atlases. Each egg was carried out exclusively on the order of the royal court and was presented as a gift for Easter by the courtiers and those close to the House of Romanov personally from the hands of the grand dukes.

Special Project “500 Unknowns. Heroes of the Empire: Warriors, Nobles, Aristocrats” – this a unique exposition that sums up the long-term work of the head of the Moscow Department of Culture Alexander Kibovsky and returns to the scientific and cultural circulation hundreds of people of national history.

Alexander Kibovsky, who began as a researcher at the Museum-Panorama “Battle of Borodino”, and today is a full member of the Russian Academy of Arts. He never left the scientific field. Using the historical object method of attribution, he returned the names of more than 500 images of various figures of the Russian Empire, listed as “Portraits of the Unknown” in various museum and private collections.

The exhibition will feature portraits of the heroes of 1812, the Decembrists and aristocrats, who regained their names thanks to the historian Alexander Kibovsky. These are portraits of the princes A. Shcherbatov, G. Ilovaisky and P. Kleinmichel, Count I. Kutaisov, Baron K. Osten-Sacken and others. Within the framework of the special project, the presentation of the book “500 Unknowns” will take place.

Also at RA & AF will be a presentation of the three-volume book “Sistine Chapel”, released by the publishing house “SLOVO / SLOVO” circulation of 40 copies. For the first time the frescoes of the Renaissance can be seen in the book in real size and scale of 1: 1. This is the first professional cappella photography in the last 25 years using the most advanced digital technologies. The unique three-volume book has an unusual size – more than 60 cm in height.


Sourced from TASS.ru and machine translated for your benefit

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