It appears that Western experts and Ukrainian diplomats successfully “forecasted” the November 25 escalation in the Black Sea in middle November. On November 21st, the Atlantic Council “an American think tank in the field of international affairs,” which can also be described as NATO and the US’s public relations office published a report called “Beyond Borderlands Ensuring the Sovereignty of All Nations of Eastern Europe.” As expected, the report primarily focuses on Russian influence, since other influence from the EU and the US cannot be considered any sort of influence, especially not bad. It also primarily focuses on Ukraine. In the section dubbed “Security Assistance in the Short and Medium Terms,” the situation in the Sea of Azov is highlighted. “Russia is currently occupying and militarizing Ukrainian Crimea, conducting a simmering, hybrid war in the Donbas, and obstructing Ukrainian shipping in the Sea of Azov.” Furthermore, the section looked at the conflict between…

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