Elections in the DPR as a political catharsis

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Dmitry Linter, political analyst, organizer of the defense of the Bronze Soldier in Tallinn – about the difficult situation with the elections in the Donbas.

Greek catharsis is a cleansing, healing. It is also a state of high ground caused by deep emotional shock.

War is always pain and tragedy. This is death and shock, this is victory and loss. This is a series of events in which life and death meet on the same road and discuss with each other, sometimes in a whisper of mines, sometimes with the roar of rocket artillery, the fate of those who live and die. It so happened in the geopolitical scenario that Donetsk turned out to be on this road.

A hybrid war between the West and Russia came to the Donbass and rested against the boundaries of the city. And the city itself is a hero, and the Donetsk People’s Republic live front-line fate. The fate of the outpost, where the conversation of death and life took place on the streets of Gorlovka, Yasinovataya, Debaltseve, Donetsk itself.

Broken buildings can be restored. And how to restore the broken by the fate of the fate of families, remaining in the line of fire? How to do so in order to reduce the pain of the war, which the Donetsk residents did not want, but in which they are forced to fight against the aggressor, for whom the lives of the children of Donbass are loose change? Do Donetsk children have to study in the world and schools? No, according to the guarantor of the Ukrainian constitution, they should hide in basements, and their parents should be in constant fear.

The mercy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is death-bringing shelling of Donetsk. This is a constant provocation on the line of contact. This sabotage and murder of leaders in the DNI and the LC. This is the humanity of maniacs who have tasted the taste of human flesh, seasoned with permissiveness and impunity.

For Kiev and the regime of the illegal junta that rules in the territory of the former Ukraine, the Donetsk and Lugansk Republic are untermenshes, sub-humans, with whom only one conversation is possible. Conversation from a position of strength and threats. Death and pain. Donetsk did not ask for such a fate. He wanted to reunite with Russia and follow the path of the Crimea. He wanted to go this way without the tragedies that Ukrainian oligarchs attacked him with the support of the West. History does not know the subjunctive mood. If yes if only it were from fantasy, books about popadans.

The reality is that Donetsk and the DPR stand on the road of war. Wars that wants to go to Russia and start cutting their own bloody harvest there. The war, which, having begun and not stopped, can bury the whole civilization … Understanding their own inadequacy, spitting on the past experience of two world conflicts, the Western world provokes a new slaughter. Conventional Kremlin is building defense already at the closest approaches. And on the way of this war – the land of Donbass. Which did not expect such a fate again, but, as the Hero City, rose to the defense.

Having studied a bit of the biography of the acting head of the DPR and information of the telegram channels (positioning as being in the Republic), I made several remarkable discoveries.

How many surprises and questions came when the old story was learned, which Denis Pushilin never mentioned – I mean his participation in organizing the removal of the “Berkutovtsy” from the Maidan. They did not have the main thing – I did not see an assessment of reluctance to blow the story about it everywhere. You can talk about anything, but the real heroic deeds, or desirable slander, or simply “not to notice.”

This is not the only fact of his biography, left without attention of the press or truth lovers. I know about others, even though I was at some distance. I will mention one of them.

In the summer of 2014, Denis Pushilin supported a group of lawyers who were the first to help the injured Donbas civilians file complaints with Ukraine to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Such work was important, the mass character of such statements to an internationally recognized judicial authority was proof of the guilt of Ukraine for the tragedy in the Donbas. Later, other groups of lawyers appeared who were engaged in the same work, but the first was created by Denis Pushilin. I know Denis Vladimirovich Pushilin on other issues of a humanitarian nature in which I myself took part.

Soon after 5 years, as we from Russia are closely watching what is happening in the Donbas, we are compassionate for the pain of its inhabitants.

The death of the first head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, organized by the Security Service of Ukraine, was a shock for both Donetsk residents and Russians. But the matter is not so much in yet another confirmation for the Russians of the terrorist orientation of the current government in Ukraine, but in the eternally topical issue: “What next?”.

A surge of interest in the LDNR again swept Russia from the western borders to Sakhalin. And now, on the eve of the elections, we read every message about what is happening, and, of course, we cannot but notice the changes.

The future of many countries, not only Russia, depends on Donbass – I am not exaggerating, I am sure of it. It is in the Donbas that history is decided and the geopolitical choice of Russia is formed.

11 of 2018 – election of the head of the Republic. Taking into account the fact that he (Denis Pushilin) ​​always keeps up with dignity and responsibly, I think it was not by chance that Moscow decided to support his candidacy in the elections for the head of the DPR.

I am constantly being sent to the newsletter about the changes taking place in the DPR, I will not give them here, you just have to go to any DPR resource, even the opposition one, and it will become clear that the LDNR and Russia integration process that has been launched cannot be stopped. And this means that there will be no return to the post-made Ukraine. I suppose that when choosing a candidate for its support, Moscow thought about that too.

The rest – the economy, social and other – will follow, especially in two months at the head of the Republic, Denis Pushilin, not in words, but in deeds showed determination to make active transformations for the better. Business begins to exhale and make plans for the future, residents are beginning to get used to positive changes – gasoline prices have dropped, scholarships, public sector wages have risen.

The emergence of an international bank provides a tool for economic integration in Russia, exports to other countries. If the pace of transformation does not slow down, and I’m sure it will, the improvement in the lives of the citizens of the DPR will not take long to come.

And yet – I am sure that sooner or later the Republic will return to its borders. And Kiev will be a free city. This is a good choice for the residents of Donbass!

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