Decommission Private Haradinaj. Kosovo Prime Minister described himself as a US soldi

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It turns out that Ramus Haradinaj passed the United States. So somewhere, his betrayal will be squeezed all the same – not his own, so alien.

In any self-respecting country, except, of course, the United States, any statesman, if he said that, he would have already sat down for treason. But Kosovo is not a country, but one name. So, his “prime minister” is not a state one, but he is still a doer.

True, as the old Washington “wisdom” says, “your son of a bitch – he is a son of a bitch.” However, this one decided that he had grown up, therefore he is not a son at all, but a “son of a bitch.” And not just in arms, but directly on the passport.

“Our positions are similar to those advocated by America. And those who are “on earth” know this. And I am a US soldier on the ground, ”the American media quoted Ramush Haradinaj.

And “on the ground” they take in quotes. And the US soldier is not. Although the relevant citizenship, as far as we know, the head of the Kosovo government is not available. Yes, he always called his office the most pro-American in Europe. And in his memoirs – the paper even tolerated such – admitted that he wept with happiness when he saw bombs falling on Belgrade.

“We all looked at the first aircraft and missiles with admiration. These moments are unforgettable, ”Haradinai noted.

It is clear that he would love to look at it again. But this is not a reason to shout at the whole Ivanovo “yes, Sir!”

Especially, if this sir seems to be ordering nothing. On the contrary, he, oddly enough, demands from Haradinai to cool his militant ardor and to abolish the one hundred percent duty imposed on November for Serbian goods.

The United States did not immediately like it so much that at one time they even threatened Pristina with sanctions. But like a finger. Therefore, Ramos has not yet retreated. Now it is clear why. Because he, “fulfilling the orders of the Americans in order to strengthen Kosovo, strengthens American interests, and pushes Russian and Serbian interests into the background.”

In general, merged customers with giblets. And now go and figure out what their real order is: cancel duties or introduce? Or does Haradinai nod to the hosts to translate arrows into them? Like, I something that – just their soldiers. By the way, he announced this while in Washington. And it seems, and where else: to lick, you need to get closer.

All the more so if the cat feels whose meat ate. But his problem is that in Pristina, he is about to hit the tail, and he will have to lick completely different places. Since Friday there are anti-government protests with the telling title “Thief Hunting”. And specifically Haradinay promise “hot Albanian spring.”

So he realized that he could not resist without the United States. Shook, therefore. Although the thug – there is no place to put stamps. It is not known whether they are afraid of children in Serbia, but if she had found out that he was eating them, no one would be surprised.

Belgrade once raised charges against the “warlord” for 108 counts for terrorism and murder. But he is still the “prime minister” of Kosovo.

Because – a US soldier. Although it turns out that he passed the United States. So somewhere for his betrayal still press. America, of course, can save its rank and file. But after all can write off.

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Mikhail Sheinkman

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