LAS VEGAS (LAS VEGAS), January 10, 2019 / PRNewswire / – Commercial giant Suning, ranked second among leading Chinese non-state enterprises and owning a company from the Fortune Global 500,, today presented its new strategy “Retail as a Service “(retail as a service, abbreviated as” RaaS ), based on the concept of” smart retail “and future-oriented development of the industry. The presentation of the new strategy took place as part of the CES 2019 exhibition in Las Vegas.

The strategy, which is called the “brain” of smart retail, is the foundation of an open platform that provides Suning partners with access to a vast portfolio of technological capabilities and the company’s accumulated multi-channel sales experience, including:

  • SaaS (Software as a Service (software as a service)) – by applying customer-oriented research practices, Suning has made notable progress in the application of AI, IoT and big data in all its business processes, including personal product recommendations, digital store, service for “smart home”, etc.
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service (platform as a service)) – consists of Suning’s AI platform, big data platform, and over 80 business mechanisms. The AI ​​platform is based on 3 algorithms that support more than 150 AI skills and more than 80 retail scenarios, and the big data platform is capable of collecting, processing and distributing information of more than 600 million users generated during the implementation of more than 2,000 retail scenarios, as well as 15 billion information calculations per day.
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service (infrastructure as a service)) – Suning successfully completed the creation of an infrastructure consisting of components responsible for computing, data storage, networking, IDC (Internet Data Center) and microservices. The goal of this infrastructure is to provide strong support to an advanced sectoral ecosystem.
  • HaaS (Know-How as a Service) – Suning has five R & D centers and 35 development locations in China and abroad. A team of more than 10,000 excellent specialists assembled by the company continuously provides technological expertise to master future trends and opportunities to create innovations in the industry.

Dr. Jack Jing, Chief Operating Officer of Suning Technology Group, said: “As China’s largest multi-channel retailer, we know that smart retail is the key to attracting and satisfying consumer needs in the digital age. We want to expand our collaboration with industry partners, giving them access to data, technologies and tools to help them better understand customers and achieve their business goals. This is the goal of the “Retail as a Service” (“RaaS”) “strategy.”

Suning’s RaaS strategy provides industry practitioners — manufacturers, small and medium-sized retailers, and even technology developers or service providers — an integrated solution for improving operational efficiency and customer service.

In order to further advance its strategy, Suning announced cooperation with a number of industrial partners – GaiaWorks, Ecovacs Robotics and SenseTime, the world’s most expensive AI startup and the largest company specializing exclusively in technology.

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