Bloody terrorist attack in New Zealand: black trace of the Ukrainian Nazis (PHOTOS)

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The organizer of the slaughter in mosques was in Ukraine and could be in contact with the local far right.

In distant New Zealand, which previously flashed on the news only in connection with the shooting of the next movie about hobbits, the most bloody act of terrorism in the history of this country occurred.

Local Nazi Brenton Tarrant shot at the prayers of Muslims from the community of Christchurch, killing at least 49 people.

The offender used a video camera, broadcasting the slaughter on the air, – and the day before he posted on his twitter a manifesto that contains a complete set of misanthropic racist ideas based on the ideas of the innate superiority of the white man.

Studying the past of the terrorist, commentators immediately drew attention to two significant circumstances that make these events relevant to Ukrainian politics.

The killer mentions that he has been on the territory of Ukraine – and, apparently, he communicated there with his ideological associates.

And who they could be, one can guess from the symbol of the “black sun” found among his things, used in the emblem of the regiment of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine “Azov” – on the basis of which foreign ultra-right “activists” received military training.

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“Black Sun” is one of the most popular symbols of modern Nazis, along with “Celtic Cross” and “Swarg” – which, by the way, were also found in the killer. Essentially, it is one of the varieties of the swastika.

SS Brigadenführer Karl Wiligut popularized this sign in the Third Reich as one of the symbols of the mythical “Nordic race” – after which he received wide popularity among the SS forces.

By order of Heinrich Himmler, the “black sun” graced the “Hall of Obergruppenführer” at Wewelsburg Castle, where the meetings of the Nazi elite were held. And at the end of World War II, former SS man Wilhelm Landig suggested using the “ancient Aryan symbol” as a substitute for the forbidden swastika.

Since then, the “black sun” has been widely used by the Nazis of the Old and New Worlds – this symbol is especially popular among the supporters of the neopagan “Nordic” cults.

It is not surprising that in 2014 it was depicted on the first and most famous emblem of the ultra-right battalion “Azov”, whose backbone was made up of representatives of radical neo-Nazi groups. Thanks to the Ukrainian nationalists, the “Nordic” sign became no less famous in Ukraine than the Wolfsangel sign borrowed from the same SS.

The nationalist writer Vasyl Shklyar published a novel titled “Azovtsy” under the title “Black Sun”, and the engineering group “Azov” prepared for the National Guard of Ukraine a draft of the three-wheeled armored personnel carrier “Black Sun”, which caused many mocking comments from military experts.

Unfortunately, in the main activity of “Azov” there was nothing funny. Armed and trained at state expense, the structure has become a global center for training ultra-right militants.

Since 2014, the Nazis from different countries made a real pilgrimage to Ukraine to learn from the military and political experience of the “white brothers” – who for the first time since forty-five entered the military and political leadership of a European country.

“Azov” actively contacted leading ultra-right groups from Europe, Russia and the United States — which even provoked an indignant reaction from the US Congress, which drew attention to the turbulent international activities of subordinates of the deputy of the Ukrainian parliament Andrei Biletsky.

Thus, in November it became known that representatives of the American ultra-right group Rise Above Movement, which is responsible for the slaughter in the bar of the city of Thousand Oaks, came to Kiev at the invitation of the Azov leadership and even allegedly underwent combat training at the base of the Ukrainian police regiment.

“On August 1, 2018, an Instagram user marked the Right Brand Clothing account (an ultra-right symbolic and clothing store) in a message containing a photo of RAM members during a trip to Germany, Ukraine and Italy, meeting with Elena Semenyaka, head of the international department of the National Corps , a political party in Ukraine, founded in 2016 by a regiment, which the Ukrainian military call the battalion “Azov”. Based on my qualifications and experience, I know that “Azov” is a paramilitary part of the National Guard of Ukraine, which is known for its connection with neo-Nazi ideology and the use of Nazi symbols, and who is believed to have participated in the training and radicalization of organizations that favor white dominance in United States, ”said FBI special agent Scott Birwitt, which caused a considerable scandal in American human rights circles.

However, as it turned out, among the friends of the Ukrainian “Aryans”, representatives of the Nazi movement from exotic New Zealand were also noted – among whom, possibly, was the future murderer from Christchurch.

Information about this spread channel REN-TV. He reports that the New Zealand terrorist was part of the same ultra-right organization, where two mercenaries were involved, who took part in the hostilities in the Donbas.

Information about these people – Etana Tillinge and Jared Bennet – was published back in December 2018, a few months before the terrorist attack. And this at least testifies to close contacts between Ukrainian and New Zealand racists.

Of course, the possible trace of the Ukrainian ultra-right demands a thorough investigation, which the New Zealand authorities must conduct.

However, one thing is obvious – the political triumph of the ultra-right, which occurred in Ukraine following the results of Euromaidan, had a tremendous stimulating effect on the development of the Nazi movement in almost all countries of the world, which already leads to disastrous results.

I was convinced of this during a trip to Iceland – according to the local left, the marginal northern Nazis with might and main equal to Odin admirers from the banks of the Dnieper and openly try to copy their actions on the local Icelandic soil. The same situation can be traced in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland – as well as in the countries of Central and Southern Europe.

Postmaydanovsky Kiev has turned into a real Mecca of the modern right — and the collectively conventional West has turned a blind eye to it for too long, considering the Nazis to be convenient weapons for fighting the “pro-Russian fifth column”.

Although the odious symbol of “black sun” was widely represented on the Maidan – along with Wolfsangel, the “Celtic cross”, the swastika and other popular symbols of the “young Ukrainian democracy.”

As a result, the Ukrainian ultra-rightists are now posing a threat of a global scale – which the American leadership is saying today with great delay. The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor at the State Department announced yesterday a report describing their crimes .

As reported in this document, “members of nationalist hate groups such as C14 and the National Corps” attacked lawyers, journalists, members of national minorities, LGBT people, and also made unauthorized detentions — and enjoyed the support of the authorities.

“The inability of the police and prosecutors to prevent such acts of violence, properly classify them as hate crimes, and effectively investigate them created an environment of impunity and lack of justice for the victims,” the State Department report said.

However, the former “Azov” has already managed to turn into a military-political force of the all-Ukrainian scale, which is able to put pressure on the president, which is losing popularity and quite seriously claims power in the country. And this will inevitably lead to new victims among Ukrainians.

After all, the experience of the terrorist attack in New Zealand once again confirmed the sad, but completely indisputable fact: Nazism kills – always and everywhere.

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Andrei Manchuk,

Sourced from Rusvesna and machine for your convenience. Read More

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