Bait and switch: While the world was watching Syria, the US tried to stage a false flag in Afghanistan

While the world was waiting with bated breath to see whether the US would really stage yet another chemical weapons false flag attack in Syria, Washington tried to pull a fast one in Afghanistan by manufacturing a fake crisis between Russia and the Taliban.

It’s no secret that the US fears the consequences of Russia’s newly pragmatic approach towards the Taliban so it was only a matter of time before it tried to manufacture a fake crisis between them in order to undermine Moscow’s peacemaking efforts in Afghanistan, and next week’s multilateral meeting in the Russian capital pushed the US to act. Although Washington and Kabul’s refusal to participate in this event will deprive it of any immediate political significance, its long-term importance is that it contributes to Moscow’s efforts to gradually rebrand the Taliban as a legitimate armed opposition movement by providing them with an international venue for constructively interacting with regional diplomats.

This in and of itself will herald in a sea change in political attitudes towards this group by breaking its diplomatic isolation and enabling it to be perceived as a responsible Eurasian actor, especially in the anti-security domain against ISIS-K. For this reason, it’s in the US’ interests to stop next week’s gathering from taking place, or at the very least, to engineer a crisis between Russia and the Taliban that would lead to the latter’s refusal to participate in the event, ergo the false flag attack that just took place in Afghanistan.

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