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KIEV, Ukraine – Ukraine is building the so-called GO Highway, a trans-national road to connect Ukrainian Black Sea ports with Polish Baltic Sea, and in 2019 US $ 141.5 million will be earmarked for this project, the prime minister said. Ukraine, Vladimir Groisman. “The GO Highway is a trans-national road linking the Ukrainian ports of […] The post Ukraine Aims For Black Continue Reading
MOSCOW, Russia – The first Russian satellite for weather and climate and environment monitoring in the Arctic region, Arktika-M, is to be sent to Earth orbit in June 2019, a Russian space industry source said. “The launch of the Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket from the Baikonur cosmodrome with the Fregat propeller and the first Arktika-M hydrometeorological […] The post RUSSIA Continue Reading
MOSCOW, Russia – Russia’s Foreign Ministry reacted to the new US missile defense strategy presented by Donald Trump on Thursday. Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday that Washington’s new anti-missile defense strategy would lead to a dangerous arms race in space and was equivalent to a re-launch of the Cold War era Star Wars program. […] The post New US Defense Continue Reading
FALMOUTH, The United Kingdom – The dry cargo vessel belongs to a shipping company based in Murmansk in northern Russia but was seized in the United Kingdom. Granulator Kuzma Minin, formerly stranded in shallow waters near the British port of Falmouth in the south-west of the United Kingdom, was seized by the shipowner’s debts, said […] The post MAJOR: Britain Detains A Continue Reading
BELGRADE, Serbia – Russia will continue to help Serbia strengthen its defense potential and continue with joint military exercises, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a news conference after talks with his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade. “We also will discuss military and defense industry cooperation with our Serbian partners. We will continue to meet Continue Reading
MOSCOW, Russia – Despite years of Western sanctions, Russia will become the fifth largest economy in the world next year, surpassing Germany and the United Kingdom, British bank Standard Chartered said in its long-term growth forecast. In a report describing projections about the world economy by 2030, the bank said that China will likely bring […] The post RUSSIA RISING: Continue Reading
MOSCOW, Russia – Russia wants to re-establish relations with the United States and the EU, but will react to NATO activities close to its borders, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. During his press conference in Moscow, the Russian chancellor stressed that while Russia is interested in improving relations with its western partners, the country […] The post Continue Reading
MOSCOW, Russia – Commenting on the situation in Venezuela, Russia’s foreign minister said that Moscow insists on non-intervention of foreign countries in the internal affairs of sovereign states. “Our position is that it is necessary to avoid any intervention in the internal affairs of sovereign states,” the minister said during his annual press conference. Lavrov […] The Continue Reading
BERLIN, Germany – US ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell threatened German companies involved in the Nord Stream 2 Russian-European gas pipeline that they could be sanctioned, the Bild am Sonntag edition revealed. In letters to several German companies, the diplomat recalled that the US “strongly opposes” the gas pipeline to supply Russian gas to Germany […] The post Continue Reading
KIEV, Ukraine – A retired Ukrainian military official commented on a possible war between the two countries and indicated the only possibility of real large-scale fighting being unleashed. The possibility of war between Russia and Ukraine if it starts is minimal, said the retired lieutenant-general of the Ukrainian special services, Vasily Bogdan. In an interview […] The Continue Reading
WASHINGTON DC, The United States – The biggest threat to the United States is the growing cooperation between Russia and China. Such a union can become a true “American nightmare,” warn experts from the National Interest Center. According to experts, quoted by The National Interest magazine, Washington makes a very serious mistake by underestimating the […] The post Continue Reading
MOSCOW, Russia – The Russian government has expressed its repudiation of the United States’ intention to create a parallel government in Venezuela. “The blatant policy of Washington, which aims at an unconstitutional formation of alternative structures of government in Venezuela, is an attack open to that country’s sovereignty,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a […] Continue Reading
MOSCOW, Russia – Vietnam’s intention to buy 12 fifth-generation Russian Su-57 fighters led experts to analyze the military potential of Asian countries and to conclude that the brand new Russian fighters would be able to make the Vietnamese Air Force one of the strongest in Southeast Asia, writes Military Watch. “As Vietnam lacks AWACS, such […] The post How Prestigious Continue Reading
MOSCOW, Russia – Russian Senator Andrei Kozlenko commented on the statement by Lieutenant General Igor Romanenko, chief of staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, on the idea of ​​sending ships to the Sea of ​​Azov with the help of “space-based monitoring.” According to the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Aleksandr […] The post Russia Continue Reading
Laos has returned to Russia 30 fully operational T-34-85 tanks, which since 1987 had been in the service of the country’s army. The armored vehicles, symbol of the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany, will be used at different stops, exhibitions and movie scenes. But in addition to Laos, there are many other […] The post From Cuba to Yemen: Where is the Legendary Continue Reading
in November, Ukrainian warships charged the bridge. The offending warships -- two PT boats and a tug -- were intercepted. The West calls this "Russian Aggression." Then, of course, the act of "Russian Aggression" is an excuse to "Make Putin Pay!" The post Former ambassador to Ukraine says Kiev should get hellfire missiles as US retort to Kerch appeared first on Fort Russ.Continue Reading
BEIJING, China – The Chinese Air Force, which owns Russian Su-35 fighters in its squad, is making preparations to participate in international maneuvers. However, because the Chinese Air Forces have Fifth Generation J-20 aircraft made in China, some Chinese experts have criticized the use of advanced Russian production aircraft. In a rejoinder to these allegations, […] The Continue Reading
MOSCOW, Russia – The Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday that the Black Sea Fleet Pytlivy patrol vessel is monitoring the actions of the USS Fort McHenry landing craft that entered the Black Sea waters on January 6. “Patrol ship Pytlivy of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is performing a complex of activities to control the […] The post American Stocks Inspected After US Ship Continue Reading
TOKYO, Japan – The conclusion of a peace treaty with Russia will contribute to the security of the region and, from there, will benefit the United States, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Sunday. “As long as this [peace agreement] will be beneficial to [strengthen] peace and security in the region, it will also […] The post Russian-Japanese Peace Treaty Benefits Continue Reading
MOSCOW, Russia – The Lima Group’s attitude, which does not recognize the legitimacy of Nicolas Maduro’s new presidential term in Venezuela, was inspired by the US, which will continue to pressure the Venezuelan leader, said Russian Senator Igor Morozov. “All this is being provoked by the US, which will continue to pressure Maduro and the […] The post Washington Prepares Continue Reading
ISTANBUL, Turkey – Turkey has asked Russia’s permission to use Syria’s airspace, said Turkish expert Metin Gurcan of Istanbul’s Center for Political Studies. The Turkish delegation, led by Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu who visited Moscow on December 29, called for Russian permission to use Syrian airspace, Metin Gurcan wrote in his article for Al-Monitor, citing […] Continue Reading
WASHINGTON DC, The United States – The Atlantic Alliance will take the necessary steps if Russia does not return to the INF Treaty by the end of the deadline, said the bloc’s secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg. It is worth noting that NATO had established an ultimatum of 60 days in December regarding this matter. “Russia […] The post ‘Russia’s Last Chance’: NATO Demands Continue Reading