Austrian journalist branded an enemy of Ukraine for unbiased reporting of Crimea and events in Donbass

The international scandal due to the inclusion of the well-known Austrian journalist, the 57-year-old Christian Wehrschütz in the list of enemies and “pro-Russian propagandists” in Ukraine gains steam. Wehrschütz was recognised in Austria as 2014 journalist of year, he is a long serving special correspondent in the Balkans, and since 2015 he has headed the correspondent’s office of the largest Austrian TV channel ORF in Kiev. The Austrian journalist has illuminated the conflict in Donbass since its beginning – in particular, he spoke a lot about humanitarian topics and also made a series of reports in Crimea, where he, in particular, communicated with Crimean Tatar organisations – both pro-Ukrainian and pro-Russian, and visited the Crimean Bridge. He has also twice interviewed the editor-in-chief of the “Strana” Internet newspaper Igor Guzhva, who in October of this year was granted asylum in Austria. Now Wehrschütz was included in the database of “agents of the Kremlin” under the…

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