5 reasons the nightmarish Saudi-led, Western-backed war on Yemen should never be forgotten – In pictures

With the death toll in the tens of thousands, millions displaced and on the brink of famine, one would think the war in Yemen should be on every front page. It’s not, and here are just some of the reasons why that’s wrong.

The ongoing conflict, nominally a civil war started by Houthi rebels who ousted the government, saw the Saudi-led, Western-backed coalition of Arab nations intervene in the very first days. With massive civilian casualties and a humanitarian blockade, the war has now become a catastrophe with millions of victims.

Still, the day-by-day nightmare of Yemen often goes overlooked in Western media in favor of stories about the supposed ‘war crimes’ of the Syrian government or Russia’s alleged ‘Novichok attack’ in Salisbury. Here are five reasons why the Yemen war really matters.

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