Russophile is a New York membership organization that promotes the study and appreciation of Russian art through cultural events.

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Russian Art Events in New York

Russophile’s members are Russian art collectors, dealers, curators, critics, artists, and art connoisseurs.

Russophile arranges a series of philanthropic, social, and cultural events fostering a dialogue with leading members of the Russian art world. Russophile’s partnership with major art and charity organizations, both in Russia and the US, stimulates a thought-provoking, cause-driven collaboration.

Russophile is an offline community. Members share a common passion for Russian art and are connected on a personal or professional level, encouraging face to face introductions and memorable encounters.


Russophile - \Rus"so*phile\ noun [Russia + Gr. filei^n to love: cf. F. russophile.] An admirer of Russia or its people, language, or culture.



Russophile is a PR platform for Russian visual arts promoting artists from Russia in NYC and adequately representing their work in the international context.



Russophile partnership with major art and charity organizations stimulates a thought-provoking and cause-driven collaborations.